We were wandering the internet, as Whales often do these days (Like anyone else… Come on, it’s the digital age!) and found this:

Okay, just kidding. But partially. We found a new board game on the web that’s titled Velociraptor! Cannibalism! and we read a bit about it. It’s pretty rad. Basically during the game you, the velociraptor, find yourself in the sad plight of being forced to feed yourself something so you can survive. In the game, you earn calories every turn if you can get some food… But there may be a monster to battle in the way!

This brilliant game from the minds of six collaborators at Board Raptor Games teaches you to do just that. There are six raptors to pick from at the beginning of the game, all with amusing personalities. You can choose the pilot lady who loves to quick draw with the fastest guns around (just kidding, she’s the fastest gun around.) or you can choose the more scholarly gentleman who enjoys literature and “rending flesh from prey.”

Gameplay is relatively simple. During the game, you must graft new body parts onto your raptor. For example, if you decide you really enjoy those elephant feet and the way they look… Well, you can tear them off the opponent and use them yourself! Believe it or not you can also commit cannibalism in the game, making it even easier to fall into treacherous raptor ways!

Oh, you want to be a bloodsucking vampirical monster? You can fulfill your every desire in this card game.

Fun, fast and clever, Velociraptor! Cannibalism! seems like it’ll be a lot of fun to play when it’s finished. For now, they’re raising enough money on Kickstarter to get the game out to the public! It’s a pretty neat endeavor. Whale definitely thinks they should make this board game and get it out there. So far they’ve raised over 400% more than their goal! It’s pretty awesome and they’re doing a good job.

Why not take an evening and eat your friends as dinner for fun? We’re looking forward to seeing this game out there on the market. Check it out!