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The Story of Boy & Terrence Marmalade

The Story of Boy & Terrence Marmalade

Interview conducted and written by Corissa Poley This is the first in the Queries Quintus series with WHALE; interviews with artists and writers containing five (quintus, in Latin) basic conversational queries. Our very first guest is none other than the talented illustrator and animator Vince Mascoli, of Portland, OR. Vince has been drawing since he...
**Stuff We Love: Deth P. Sun's Illustrations

**Stuff We Love: Deth P. Sun’s Illustrations

Deth P. Sun’s charming and macabre illustrations drew us to him like flies to honey. We love his artwork! Click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.   We love Deth P. Sun this week! His illustrative paintings and short “zines” are captivating, admittedly leaving the viewer wondering about the story behind them. Particularly...
**Stuff We Love: Genevieve Godbout

**Stuff We Love: Genevieve Godbout

We love Genevieve Godbout. Her charming pencil drawings show whimsical, fun scenes and her knack for sweet faces is awesome. We really enjoyed paging through her blog, and we hope she puts up some prints soon in her Etsy shop. Genevieve grew up in Quebec, Canada and spent 3 years in Montreal studying traditional animation....
[News] Valentine's WHALE~!

[News] Valentine’s WHALE~!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Barnacles! We love you, so we want you to enjoy this adorable and poorly drawn love whale. Thanks for reading! <3