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Remember Our Nation's 28 Core Principles

Remember Our Nation’s 28 Core Principles

Dear Readers & Friends, On this day, 237 years ago, we became a documented nation apart from our English leadership. It was a great day in the history of this nation. That day was long ago, and our founding principles have become lost in the dust and ether of the past, fallen to the wayside...
Disappearing Ink Leaves Only Two Months To Read This Book

Disappearing Ink Leaves Only Two Months To Read This Book

Recently an independent Argentinian publisher, Eterna Cadencia, released an advertisement that highlighted the importance of The Book That Can’t Wait. This isn’t a joke; if you don’t read the book the story literally disappears. The Latin author anthology’s ink is designed to react with everyday elements such as air and light over the course of sixty days,...
Reclaiming the 'A' Word

Reclaiming the ‘A’ Word

By Lora Hibbard There’s a comedy routine I became familiar with in high school, one performed by George Carlin entitled ‘The Seven Words you can’t say on television.’ None of the words on his list came as a shock to me, but let’s face it, even at sixteen I was a jaded old fuck when it...