This week’s Stuff We Love is written by Corissa Poley


This last week, a bit of personal nostalgia was unearthed on the Internet via TinyLetter’s Letters of Note blog, where we discovered some of the early images and handwritten short stories by Beatrix Potter. I’m not sure if anyone else grew up with this, but my mother frequently played the VHS tapes of The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends when I was a child. There was a live action section at the beginning of every film that portrayed Beatrix Potter writing these original letters and drawing the pictures to go along with the short stories.

When I found this post online I was reminded of the films from my childhood and enjoyed looking through the images that TinyLetter posted of one of Potter’s handwritten stories. The story/letter that they posted was the first of Potter’s classic tales, before her continued interest in writing more stories and getting them published in 1902. The story on TinyLetter’s site takes us all the way through the first of Peter Rabbit’s classic tales (I can remember the VHS of the story so clearly!). It’s a fun, short read if you have a minute. You can find the whole image at the Letters of Note blog here.

For those of you who don’t know much about Beatrix Potter, she was born in England in 1866 and educated at home by a governess. She spent her summer holidays in Scotland with her family, including her younger brother Bertram. From childhood, Beatrix and her brother spent countless hours drawing their pets and the natural world around them. The girl who loved creatures so much eventually became a naturalist and purchased her own farm after her books were published. She lived there until her death in 1943, raising prize winning sheep and preserving the classic English country landscape in every way she could.