Deth P. Sun’s charming and macabre illustrations drew us to him like flies to honey. We love his artwork!

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We love Deth P. Sun this week! His illustrative paintings and short “zines” are captivating, admittedly leaving the viewer wondering about the story behind them. Particularly interesting to note is Sun’s constant use of fauna in his work. Though his illustrations from 2012 primarily feature cats, they are usually alongside, behind, or near some kind of leaf pattern. This unique blend gives a sense of whimsy to Sun’s contemplative cats. They fit so well into their scene, yet their white, empty eyes give each painting a haunted and ethereal look. In some paintings it is almost gruesome, but in an appealing way. Sun is an illustrator and painter who spends his days painting and creating in Berkeley, CA. He graduated in 2002 from the California College for Arts and Crafts. We look forward to more of his excellent work! You can follow him on Twitter or purchase his work from his online shop.