By Sarah Caouette

Have you ever had that dream where time stops and everything around you—the ticking clock, the flock of birds flying above your head, the water pouring from the kitchen spout—are all frozen, and in this weird worm-hole of a world, you are the only thing or being mobilized—free to walk among the mannequins and the sculptures of a halted universe, with mixed curiosity and confusion.

Well, if you haven’t experienced this, then perhaps you have seen M. Night Shyamalan’s, The Happening? What I am getting at is altered realities, the kind of experience one has in a not-so-fun, “fun house”; where the seemingly, harmless portraits of a family’s ancestry line the walls, as their eyes follow you from room to room—Feel like you are being watched? Look again! And it’s just another painting with an eerie mystique. Or is it?

Mimetic as this seems, the Apple Store brings yet another useless, but entertaining App for those who use the iPhone and iPad alike, called the Cinemagram. And we at Whale, just can’t help but love the time we spend frozen in front of our screens, watching these still-lives come to life:

a beautiful patio shot


The Fontana di Trevi