The little iPhone app that does.

By Corissa Poley

Admittedly, I am a terrible to-do-er. I have lists all over my desk from various clients and projects, but none of them are ever gathered in one place. In an attempt to organize my life better, I infrequently download new iPhone apps that are supposedly going to help me. I end up ignoring them, because they are ugly, or just don’t seem to fit the to-do list inside my head. But Any.DO is different. I initially downloaded it because the aesthetic appeal was simple and elegant. The app not only failed to disappoint, but stunned me with its beautiful interface and minimalistic design.

Any.DO is very clean, but I would not dare to call it simple. It lacks the awkwardness of other to-do apps. The options are not many, but few. It’s easy on the eyes and has fun features that make getting things done a little more enticing. The strike-through feature, for example. If you’re done with something on your to-do list, simply drag your finger across the screen and it is “scratched off” the list. A strike-through appears and the text goes grey, moving out of your way but remaining on the list. There’s even an undo feature if you swipe accidentally – simply swipe the other direction and your item appears again. If you mark an item as priority (displayed with a !!!), it turns the text red. If you want to add notes to an item, you may. And if you’re partial to voice commands, Any.DO will take dictated to-do items and add them to the list, even suggesting corrections if you mumble.

This app has clearly been ruminated over, and wrought with careful design. The main menu is even subtle, and your options are few – display by category (called “folders” you can organize your items in) or by date. The drag and drop feature is another fun thing – can’t finish something today? Drag it down into the “This Week” timeline. Any.DO even allows you to collaborate on items by sharing with other Any.DO users. The consideration that was taken with this app is stunning, down to the gentle paper backdrop that takes away the harshness of an all-white screen.

Any.DO has done what other organization apps could not: it has motivated me to consolidate my lists. And the freedom of those two little words: “This Week!” This little app is a new favorite. I’m able to get things done and keep it all in one place without the clunkiness of other organizational apps. And of course, the fact that it has a beautiful interface, with typography I can live with, doesn’t hurt. Good job, Any.DO. Now I’m just waiting for a browser version.