We’ve got a neat announcement for you. It starts like this:


We are announcing our soon-to-be web series we’ll be doing with three members of our writing staff: Lora, Corissa and Alex. We’re calling it “Firefly Fridays.” For the next 14 weeks (yeah, you heard us) we’ll be reviewing one episode of Firefly every Friday afternoon. Each of the three writers will give a different take on the episode; we’ll post screenshots and fun things like that. We’re pretty stoked to do this series because (a) we’re nerds (b) we love sharing awesome things and (c) you can never revisit a classic TV show too much.

We can’t wait to talk about Firefly with those of you who already adore the show- and of course engage in friendly debates about why certain things may have occurred in the episode, plot points, and what drives you/us crazy about Joss Whedon’s love of science fiction. We’ll be starting this Friday afternoon, February 24th and we hope you’re as excited as we are. So be ready to share any thoughts, ideas or get watching yourself! Just to let you know, the full series is available on Netflix Instant Queue so you can queue it up if you feel like watching it with us.

On Friday we’ll be starting off with a small paragraph explaining the premise of the show, and then the three writers will dive right into the story. We’re looking forward to it! And we hope you are too.