We love Genevieve Godbout. Her charming pencil drawings show whimsical, fun scenes and her knack for sweet faces is awesome. We really enjoyed paging through her blog, and we hope she puts up some prints soon in her Etsy shop. Genevieve grew up in Quebec, Canada and spent 3 years in Montreal studying traditional animation. She then spent a 3rd year in Paris, France at Gobelins. Promptly after graduation, she moved to London and began working for Disney Consumer Products. She is still employed there and spends her free time freelancing as an illustrator.

We’ve chosen a few drawings we particularly like to share with you, but we highly suggest taking a look at her site yourself. She does excellent work- and yes, it’s all colored pencils! You can find her blog here and her Etsy Shop (which we hope will be full of prints soon!) here.