Firefly Fridays Finale Countdown!

We’ll be sharing our last character profiles with you over the next three days – just before the big Friday at the end of this week, where we’ll finish out the series in a 4 episode showdown.

Character Profile: Simon Tam

Ship’s Doctor

“No, Mei-mei; it’s time to wake up.”

Simon, as a character, is as straight forward as they come. Unlike Shepherd Book or even Jayne, we know that Simon’s driving force is love; love for his sister River and love for the world of medicine. There can be little doubt that his knowledge and practice of medicine will be put to the test in trying to help River recover from her time at the Academy, not to mention the various injuries the crew will bring him.

We have all seen the sacrifices that Simon has made, turning his back on his career, family, and wealth only to end up as a fugitive, running with criminals and smugglers. How many of us would make the same sacrifice?

But his dedication and compassion goes far beyond his sister and the crew. In this episode alone, Ariel, we see him jump to save the life of a man in the hospital as they try to sneak River into a diagnostic suite. He risks the success of their plan in order to help another, As there can be little doubt about his medical acumen, we do have to wonder about his social skills.

As much as he can stand his ground, in his own way, against bullies such as Jayne and Mal, he seems to have no experience with women. This is especially true when it comes to Kaylee. She has the ability to turn this gentleman, an articulate and skilled surgeon, into a mumbling simpleton. This aspect of his personality helps to make him human, and male, as opposed to perfect. For Simon Tam, love is the simple motivator for drastic actions.