Firefly Fridays Finale Countdown!

We’ll be sharing our last character profiles with you over the next three days – just before the big Friday at the end of this week, where we’ll finish out the series in a 4 episode showdown.

Character Profile: Zoe Washburne

Ship’s Second in Command

“First rule of battle Little One, don’t ever let them know where you are.”

From the very beginning of the series it is clear that Zoe is a formidable character. Her physical strength and aptitude for combat become almost legendary, leading one to believe that even the raucous Jayne will think twice, or more, before challenging her. When it comes to her loyalty and devotion there can be little doubt that “Wash,” Mal, and the crew of Serenity, are the top three on her list. Their rankings change with the situation however, as pragmatism and careful thought direct her every move.

Zoe is the epitome of self control, to such a point that it is a wonder that she and “Wash” married. The rare glimpses of emotion we do get to see are when she ravages her husband, or pulls off a “job” successfully. Joss Whedon must have used the old adage, “Don’t show emotion, it’s a sign of weakness” when he constructed Zoe’s character.

In as much as Mal is the patriarch of the Serenity family, Zoe is its matriarch; the mama bear to a den of mischievous cubs. We have seen her protective nature in other episodes, such as when she bought “Wash’s” return in War Stories, and we see it here again as she takes in the body of a friend and fallen comrade. But when that friend betrays them and puts the crew in danger, she doesn’t hesitate to protect her cubs, giving credence to the advice – Don’t poke the bear!

It is refreshing to see such a strong willed and grounded female character. Zoe joins the ranks with Star Trek’s Captain Janeway, Trinity of The Matrix fame, and Stargate SG-1’s Carter, as full partners and teammates in the contests of life.