Character profile

*Malcolm Reynolds

Captain of Serenity

Mal’s simple life rules:

1 – Be loyal to your crew mates

2 – Don’t pick on the “little guy”

3 – Let me steal and smuggle from the Alliance in peace

Really, how hard can that be?

Malcolm Reynolds is the patriarch of the Serenity family; its leader and master schemer. Considered an outlaw by the Alliance, he sees himself as a business man just trying to make ends meet. Of course if those ends meet by taking from said Alliance, well all the better.

He works hard to portray the rough and cynical “bad guy” persona, but can’t quite pull it off. His general good nature and sound morality makes it difficult to see him any other way than a futuristic pseudo-Robin Hood. As much as he may not give directly to the poor, he certainly will stand up for them. The “business” dealings he gets involved with, and those associated with it, may be somewhat questionable at times, but he won’t take advantage of those who are trying to get by, as he is.

As captain of the ship, he is fiercely loyal to his crew and expects the same from them. This comes from his time with the Independence, but is none the less important to him. It is this quality that binds the group together.

Additionally, he shares a personal connection with each of the people on the ship.
Zoe – the war
Wash – Zoe and Serenity
Jayne – drinking and fighting
Kaylee – optimism; not nearly as much as hers, but some
Book – guidance and direction; though not always down the same paths
Inara – emotional/sexual desire; if they would only just get it out in the open
Simon – survival; Mal for himself and crew, Simon for all
River – a deep seated hatred and distrust of the Alliance

Good leaders are hard to come by, especially ones that stand up for what they believe in and protect those they work with. Serenity and her crew may not be the shiniest boat afloat (sorry Kaylee), but we’d sail with them anytime.