Whale is a quarterly publication focused on cultivating the curious and active mind.

Features and topics of the publication include board games, science fiction and fantasy culture, literature-prose and poetry both well known and unknown, Earth-conscious conversation, cultural commentary on America and the history of the West, exceptional artwork and photography, and general “nerd” culture.

WHALE has a great affection for the intellectual, the amusing, and the grave. The purpose of this publication is to feed the minds of the curious and supply those who are “insane” in this “sane” world.

We satiate the thirsty and feed the fun. We also readily accept submissions at editor@whalemag.com

Whale is also available in print, sold only by online request. If you’d like to order a copy (or a few copies) of the very first print issue, please contact whalemag@gmail.com for the reasonable rates we offer.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy Whale as much as we do.

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